Children and Youth in the Cell Church

by Mario Vega
by Mario Vega

Cell ministry is a long-term strategy. While results should be expected in the short and medium terms, we must not forget that the ultimate purpose is to achieve a paradigm shift in the way we do church. I’m referring to moving from the traditional way of doing church to the New Testament church. Cell ministry is not a temporary program or a campaign of two or three years; Rather, it is about achieving a new culture of mutual aid and ministry of all the saints. When speaking of a new culture, we refer to a lifestyle that is adopted permanently.

When a church realizes that cell ministry is long term, the role of children and youth becomes very important. Remember that in ten years, children and youth will be the eligible men and women who teach others. But if we think that ten years is too far in the future, it’s because our thinking is temporal. The universal priesthood of all believers is not for one season only; it is for life.

Just as the priesthood was transferred from parents to children, the ministry of all believers must pass from one generation to another. This means that we have to take children and youth seriously and make sure they are discipled. When the church involves the next generation it ensures a new and fresh source of new leaders who are willing to enter the battle and become the next generation of ministers.

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