Good to be alive


By Jeff Tunnell |

It is nice to be back on the blog!  “Thank you” to the many who offered prayer before the Father’s throne in our behalf. It has been 10 weeks since my cardiac arrest and subsequent heart surgery.  I am a miracle because of the prayers of the saints.  Joel and Celyce Comiskey were the first ones to arrive at the Emergency Room following my helicopter transfer from 50 miles away.  They prayed over me along with others as family and friends began arriving.  They motivated the ER nurses to pray too! Their pastoral care and intercession were an extension of the JCG team around the world. Peggy and I are grateful that I am alive from the dead and the results were because of you.

Spirit and Structure

Cell ministry has always been focused on allowing the ‘one another’ passages in the New Testament to thrive in small groups.  At times some have confused the issues. We have attempted to accomplish the function of organization instead of allowing the organizational structure to support ministry among the friends who have gathered to meet with Jesus.  While structures, like the four Ws and other stepwise plans, are a wonderful guide for a meeting, we must not be overrun by them and pushing to complete our assignment.  Rather, let us be attentive to the Holy Spirit as He guides among the members. He is keenly aware of each ones needs and their individual ministries. He will conduct the meeting by cooperating with the leaders and working through them.

Leaders equipped in the operations of a cell will easily adapt to the direction of a trustworthy God.  Fear of doing something incorrectly in the structure of a meeting may hinder His free flow among us.

I believe keeping records and statistics is vital to reporting what is happening in the combined efforts of all the cell groups.  A good team of leaders in each cell will attend to this function without overriding the reason the Holy Spirit has called us together.

Keep the priority of Spirit-filled, Spirit-led ministry at the forefront and allow the beauty of structure to serve the long-term goals of the body.

It is good to be ALIVE!

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