Would it matter if I won something either of these candidates for the interests of the Venezuelan citizens who want to emigrate or meet the famous American dream?


Many Venezuelans are emigrating to the US with an increase of Latinos in a country that does not really frowns Latin Americans. Should you win Mrs. Clinton the picture would not be as gloomy as at first seems more friendly to Latinos that Mr. Trump, who with his threats and arrogance gives some fear of leaving the country to immigration adventure and in a country of many rules.

Although in some cases give some reason to Donal in relation to indiscriminad migration comes to the US, especially undesirable people or bandits of all types who want to enter, but their views on women and economic treatment of contract or agreements established leaves much to be desired and I think acting on its capitalist echo.

A lot of Venezuelans and Latinos in Miami and other cities of the Empire who want to work, prosper, help, assist many families in Venezuela and would be a big blow if the currency flow aid is interrupted for any erroneous policy of Mr. Trump. I never heard anything positive in favor of undocumented Latinos and less of Venezuelans currently living in that country.

My personal opinion is that Latinos will vote, think their decision well and is in favor of his countrymen and not personal or capitalist interests.

Despite what they say about Mrs. Hillary I think the lady is more sensible, humanist and statesman.


Rubén Lopera
Lara. Venezuela

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