Orange County Introduces New Mobile and Web Application to Help Citizens Pinpoint Developments throughout County


Orange County, FL.– Orange County recently debuted its new mobile and web application, OCFL Atlas, which pinpoints developments throughout the County. The free app encourages citizens to become more engaged in the growth of their community by tracking new construction projects in the area. OCFL Atlas allows residents to access real-time development data, board meeting details and project locations. Users can zoom into their current location, search by address or pan around Orange County to view new projects.
The new app aims to help residents participate in public hearings for development applications by making it faster and more convenient to access meeting dates and information about the construction.

When users select to view a project on the app, the development’s permit type, hearing date, applicant, zoning acreage, project description, County planner contact information and much more appear. OCFL Atlas includes a link to the project’s Fast Track page, which offers even more information and documents on the project.

“This new map–based app provides information about where a project is in the development or review process and will help keep citizens informed about building projects permitted by Orange County,” said Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs. “And like our other apps, it’s easy to use and loaded with information.”

OCFL Atlas is compatible with Apple, Android and most web devices, including desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. To access OCFL Atlas on a desktop, visit

Orange County offers several other free smartphone apps, including OCFL Alert, OCFL News, OCFL 311 and OCFL Serves. OCFL Alert is an emergency notification app that provides life-saving information, including open shelter locations, water and ice distribution centers, evacuation routes, public service announcements and much more. OCFL News provides citizens with breaking news about the Orange County Government. OCFL 311 allows users to photograph, pinpoint and report hazardous sidewalk cracks directly from a smartphone to Orange County’s 311 Service Center. OCFL Serves provides users with a convenient way to search and sign up for volunteer and community service opportunities within Orange County. For more information on any of the Orange County apps, please visit

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