Joanna Krupa Goes Completely Nude for Her Version of the Mannequin Challenge


Celebrities from Amy Schumer to Taylor Swift have shared their attempts at the #MannequinChallenge, but none have had the steamy twist that Joanna Krupa brought.

The Real Housewives of Miami star, 37, decided to do try the viral obsession sweeping the Internet — but completely in the nude.

In the Instagram video, Krupa is seen lounging while reading a magazine near a window overlooking Chicago with her arms and legs strategically placed.

“Naughty way of relaxing on this gorgeous clear day at@parkhyattchicago reading@michiganavemag . And doing mannequin challenge my way,” she captioned a photo of her pose.

Krupa was sure to give her husband, Romain Zago, credit for the sultry shot.

The model is no stranger to baring it all on Instagram. For her Halloween costume last month, Krupa opted for body paint over fabric for her Miss Butterfly costume. She also shared a completely nude video on a balcony with a view of the beach from a recent photo shoot.

She’s also stripped down to raise awareness for orcas in SeaWorld Theme Parks. In the ads for PETA, Krupa’s body is painted to resemble one of the giant whales.

“I can only envision and feel the pain of these animals being stuck in a tiny aquarium,” she said of the living conditions at SeaWorld. “Normally orcas swim 100 miles a day. They’re free in the ocean. And here they’ve been captured since they were little babies.”


Stephanie Petit

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