Will Trump’s Economic Plan Truly Make America Great Again?


Topic Summary.

Donald Trump’s latest economic plan includes reducing taxes, lessening regulatory burdens, and an increase in energy production with redefinition of trade policies. Those measures will undoubtedly reignite the economy but will they be sufficient to pay for the new infrastructure and additional military expenditure, which Trump also proposed?

Author of the book “Liberal Bolshevism: America Did Not Defeat Communism, She Adopted It.” (www.alexmarkovsky.com), Alexander Markovsky who is a Russian émigré who holds degrees in economics and political science states, “That despite substantive ideas, Trump and his advisers suffer from conservatism—conservatism of thinking and therefore are missing a host of very significant developments in the capitalist system taking place over the last twenty to thirty years”.

“What distinguishes this period from others is that until recently, only the government could handle projects on the scale of the Hoover Dam and the Interstate Highway System. However, large corporations and investment funds have accumulated enormous amounts of money to build projects on any scale. There is no longer an imperative for the government to maintain the country’s infrastructure when private capital is available”, says Markovsky.

Alex continues to say, “Privatization of infrastructure will open a new frontier for capitalism; attract private capital for rebuilding the infrastructure, shrink the size of government, and, in conjunction with Trump economic proposals, create colossal wealth, and subsequently millions of high paying jobs. I call it the Economy of Mass Prosperity and I’ve outlined the measures to facilitate the transition from socialization of the country back to capitalism in my new book.

Discussion Questions

  • How would the government transition public works to private companies?
    Why would companies invest in infrastructure?
    How would these companies be regulated when owning infrastructure?
    Why would the government want to privatize infrastructure?

About Alex Markovsky

Alexander G. Markovsky is a Russian émigré born and educated in the Soviet Union. Mr. Markovsky holds degrees in economics and political science from the University of Marxism-Leninism and an MS in structural engineering from Moscow and Kharkov Universities. He resides in Houston, Texas, with his wife and daughter, where he owns a consulting company specializing in the management of large international projects. Mr. Markovsky is a contributor to FamilySecurityMatters.org, and his essays have appeared on RedState.com, WorldNetDaily, Family Security Matters, Ruthfullyyours and Israpundit.

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