Banreservas exalts dominance in FITUR

Francisco Javier García; Jeanis Hernández de García; Ada Balcácer; Jacqueline Ortiz de Lizardo; Simón Lizardo Mézquita, y Pedro Vergés en una ceremonia que organizó Banreservas para agasajar a inversionistas y clientes potenciales, durante la 38ª Feria Internacional de Turismo (FITUR).

The Bank promotes the DR as an investment tourism destination.

The Banco de Reservas exalted Dominican art and gastronomy in Spain, by sponsoring a relevant sample of national talent during the 38th International Tourism Fair (FITUR).

The exhibition “Myths and legends” by the renowned artist Ada Balcácer filled the colorful and warm tropics with the meeting held at the Hotel Villa Magna in Madrid.

The Marca País event was headed by the general administrator of Banreservas, Simón Lizardo Mézquita, and the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier García.

For Lizardo Mézquita, this fair continues to be a global benchmark in the tourism sector and one of the main drivers of inclusive growth, social mobility and the preservation of culture and the environment.

Una muestra de la representación de la dominicanidad en FITUR 2018.

The ceremony was organized by the Bank to entertain investors, diplomats, hotel entrepreneurs and potential clients of the tourist area.

The 150 guests also enjoyed the creations of chef Martín Omar that resulted in an exquisite mixture of smells, flavors and colors that identify Dominicanness.

The participants were given, as a souvenir and a sign of appreciation, a piece of art with the themes “Pez rojo”, “Media isla”, “Ojos de sol” and “Los abanicos”, by Balcácer, one of the most recognized painters of the Dominican Republic.

Banreservas, with its participation in FITUR and other tourism fairs, aims to attract new visitors and strengthen the flow from traditional source markets.

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