Cristiano Ronaldo, saved from abortion and crowned in Euro: reaches 109 million followers on Facebook and 44 on Twitter


Disturbed and distressed, Maria Dolores knew the day had come. She wanted to ask the doctor to end her state of good hope. It was her fourth pregnancy, and she cared for it. Considering the request of the mother, the doctor’s words were convincing. -No way! You are only thirty years old and no physical reason for not to have this baby.

Already you will see how is the joy of the house! And so this has happened! France Euro 2016 is already part of football history. Portugal did not get an easy win, especially after the injury of Cristiano Ronaldo (pictured with his mother) who had to be substituted 24 minutes into the first half. Although the winner until three times of the Ballon d’Or had to watch helplessly staying on the bench, it has allowed him to become the player on which more has been tweeted.

Moreover, I received a document entitled Pregnancy Test in which five situations that could apparently justify abortion are described. The first case is that of an asthmatic husband and tuberculousmother. They have four children; the first is blind, the second deaf, the third died in childbirth and the fourth has tuberculosis. The second case occurred because a white man raped a black girl of thirteen. The third is a woman who already has many children, two of them have died, her husband is away at war and she has little time left to live.

The fourth case is that of an Anglican pastor and his wife, with very serious economic problems, they have 14 children and are really poor. The fifth is that of a young woman whose husband is not the father of the child she is expecting. If the abortion was practiced in these five cases, five people of great importance for Humanity would not have been born.

In the order of the cases cited: Ludwig van Beethoven, renowned German composer, orchestra director and pianist; one of the best black singers, Ethel Walters; John Paul II, Pope and saint of the Catholic Church; John Wesley, an Anglican pastor and theologian, and Jesus of Nazareth, the Redeemer of the world.
Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.

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